Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve, Goal-setting, and Change

Everybody's doing it. But I've never done this before, this goal-setting and measure-noting. In fact I usually don't even note the passing of the year with much interest. Even at work I resist the formal goal-setting process. I've never needed it before.
But I acknowledge that what I have been doing isn't working for me and this is as good a time as any to start something new. So I'm going to set goals.

This morning (I'm off of work this week and I haven't just been a vegetable as usual.) I decide to check out the BMI charts. I am encouraged by Late Bloomer who is doing a year in review and has wonderfully gone from "severely obese" to "obese". I know there is a lot of controversy over BMI but honestly, a BMI of 47.6, mine as of this morning, can't be good whether BMI is an ideal measure or not.

Here's a chart tailored for me:

Weight 260 BMI 47.6 Morbidly obese
Weight 245 BMI 44.8 Semi-morbidly obese (I made this up)
Weight 218 BMI 39.9 Severely obese
Weight 191 BMI 34.9 Obese
Weight 163 BMI 29.9 Overweight

(I made up the semi-morbidly obese because from a BMI of 40 up, it shifts from every 5 points to every 10. And this dismissal of nuance for the heavier folks is just unacceptable. They tell us that even 5 or 10 pounds matter. They should act like it.)

So my numeric goal will be to become semi-morbidly obese (245 pounds) by July 1 and to go from morbidly obese to severely obese by this time next year (218 pounds). This is 42 pounds in a year, about 3.5 pounds a month. And that seems quite doable.

More tomorrow. I'm going to the gym. Goal: Something for three minutes. Yes, just three minutes. Why do you ask?

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