Friday, April 17, 2009

It's A Puzzle

I've been pretty much stuck on the same weight for a good long while. I've adjusted my exercise, how I eat, what I eat, my sleeping schedule, and a bunch of other things, but the baseline seems about the same. It's good that I seem to have a bit more energy and more resilience. But I really really want to weigh less.

Struggling with this, I decided to read Jennette's book knowing how much weight she lost. But the transition from toying with losing weight to actually doing it eludes me.

When I (finally)quit smoking I had to decide that I couldn't have any cigarettes ever. Not one. Not one puff. No cheating. Hot a hint. I even avoided the smell of smoke for months. Most people can have a puff or sneak an occasional cigarette, but I couldn't. Ok, I know that but how does that translate into food? I have to eat.

Maybe for some people that would translate into one of those liquid diets or the Jenny Craig sort of thing where you only eat what somebody prepares for you. And that might work for me for a while. I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers once, but then I stopped losing weight. Six months later I was bored, discouraged, and still not losing more weight. I guess size inertia is a theme here.

Well let me ponder my successes instead of my failures and see what I can figure out. Meanwhile, I'll go get a pedicure.

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Mama Bear June said...

I plateaued for quite a while and it took a drastic change for me to start losing again. (I was fed up and determined to do something to get the pounds off!) I bought the Flat Belly Diet book and followed it to the letter for 32 days and lost 8.4lbs and 5 inches. I've continued with the eating habits and am down 16 pounds now with more inches lost. I found the food filling and tasty and there are lots of great recipes from which to choose. It's around 1600 calories a day. It's an easy plan to follow for life.
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