Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Been A While

Thanks to those of you who gave me a shout out.

The Excuses: I've been working too hard, allergies are kicking my butt, and (as always) I'm horribly discouraged about my seeming inability to develop habits. Or my unwillingness to work hard enough at it. There surely is something I haven't glommed onto yet, even if it is single-minded persistence.

The Good: After a physician -- a podiatrist of all things -- decided that my leg/knee pain could be a vitamin D deficiency he tested me and I was, in fact, low. That actually isn't amazing when I leave for work in the dark and mostly get home in the dark. I've been using a blue light (15 min/day) for a while so that clearly wasn't enough. So I started using a D supplement.

While I was at it I added a Glusosamine/Chondroitin/MSM supplement as well. Ok, I'm a lazy twit, but I'm also in pain a good deal of the time and that isn't helping anything. After a few weeks my pain seemed a little less -- I wasn't too sure -- but my range of joint motion was way improved. I first noticed this with regard to bra-hooking. That putting your arms behind your back to hook your bra thing is a dead giveaway. Not only is it easier, but it is a LOT easier.

I procured for myself a propane grill, the better to toss fish, cow, and shrimp on. It is a terrific addition for flavor and it also makes me less inclined to stop by and grab fast food on the way home from work.

The Pitiful: I've lost a grand total of 8.6 pounds. That shouldn't bother me so much. I'm eating much better. I'm moving more. Yada, yada, yada. But damn I hate being fat.

Until next time ...

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Mama Bear June said...

Good for you, checking in again. Hey, at least you are still in the negative. We have all had our down periods of getting out of healthy habits. Start again today! And it should help with you having less pain!
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